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For what will probably be the last time in awhile….

…. this will probably be the last post for awhile. Not that this is anything new. Sorry I haven’t been active! I honestly have no excuses.

Hurricane Sandy is coming for me and some other sixty million people. I don’t live along the coast but I am feeling slightly terrified for this storm. I’m frightened by thunderstorms and sprinkles make me anxious. Tornadoes are my worst fear. I’m just hunkering down and enjoying a heated mattress before the power goes out and I won’t be able to update for awhile.

If this were blizzard I wouldn’t have any problems, but when the wind is causing the house to creak and the rain is slamming against the window, I’m pretty sure I feel like the world is ending. I wish my mom would tell me where the Halloween candy is because I’m dropping all limitations on my junk food intake until this storm is over.

That being said, Nano! Two days! It’s too close!

I’ve got my fancy journal, fancy pens, and a nice stash of tea that could probably last me until the end of next year. I’m ready, I think. I really hope.

In case my power is gone and I can’t write to you on November 1st, good luck Nanoers! And good luck to everyone who’s facing Hurricane Sandy. We’re all going to do awesome!


I’m alive, I swear.

I’ve been a bit busy. And tired. And I really haven’t had a clue of what I felt like posting about.

Soon, probably Monday, I’m going to start posting character biographies. They’ll have my characters’ basic information and I’d like to draw a portrait for each one.

I hope that everyone is looking forward to this November. After all, it’s only  fourteen days away!

Two days ago, it was the junior class’s turn to go on an orienteering trip to a local glen. I come from a fairly small area, and I wish I could describe how lucky we are to have a place like this. It doesn’t really have any strenuous trails, but if you’re willing to walk for a little while you can find some pretty impressive sights of the valley that I live in. I personally have lots of fun memories of this place from the last few summers where other kids and I would swim in places we weren’t really supposed to and hike off of the trails until we were stuck in pricker bushes and couldn’t move without the chance of putting tears in our clothing.

On this trip, we could choose one partner and we’d then be paired with another duo. That group of four would be paired with another, so you had a total of seven other people with you to get lost with and to fend off any bears that might come your way.

Just kidding. Exciting things like fighting bears don’t really happen too often around here. I think the teachers understood this as well because they never gave me the emergency whistle that they promised.

Somebody did fall out of a kayak, though! Kayaking in the resevoir was optional and, since I can’t swim very well and have a slight fear of water, I chose not to participate. Those of us standing around helped our classmates in and out of the kayaks, which were surprisingly heavy for what looked to only be a piece of hollowed out plastic!

My group did get lost a couple of times, but it wasn’t really being lost. The stations that we had to hike to were all rather hard to find and one was way off course! I took it upon myself to feed my group candy and beef jerky so everybody’s mouths (including my own) were too full to complain. It’s funny how it always seems to happen that way. I was hoping my group would be able to put past impressions of each other aside and maybe by the end of the day be comfortable talking with each other. Especially since, you know, we were thrown into the middle of the woods and told to find our way around, but oh well.

At least I can say I would have trusted them to help out if we ran into a bear or two.

Nano 2012 Survival Kit

It’s pure bad luck that Nano takes place during one of the most pressuring months of the year. It’s the start of a new marking period in school, most martial arts tournaments that I attend fall in the beginning of the month, and it turns what should be a relaxing Thanksgiving break into a mad scramble to try and catch up on what words I can before time is up. Then I work.

I’ve created a plan this year, though. I swear it’s foolproof.

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Nanowrimo 2012!

I’ve tried to run a blog as many times as I’ve tried to win Nano. This is will be the year!

Nanowrimo 2012 is only twenty three days away, and in fifty three days I will proudly be waving about at least 50,000 words of a novel that has been wanting to be written for at least two years. I am currently in that last minute rush to find fancy notebooks and nice pens before the challenge starts as hand writing is the only way for me, and I’ve been sleeping excessively to enjoy what Zzz’s I can before November comes and I turn into a zombie.

I can guarantee that social networking will be my worst enemies when noveling time comes around. Besides Facebook, I’ve also created this blog and a twitter acount to keep me nice and distracted.

God help all of us taking part in this adventure.


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